What Is Commercial Cleaning?

A commercial cleaning service is targeted toward businesses, companies, and factories. These businesses have a lot of employees and customers walking in and out of the premises. The more people share a space, the dirtier the space will be. Cleaning companies offer this service, but you might not know exactly what this service entails.

Intensive Cleaning Service
Since a company has many employees, customers, and guests walking in and out, a commercial cleaning will entail a tougher cleaning task. They are not better than residential cleaning services. The commercial cleaners just tackle different tasks. Cleaning an office or commercial space is hard work because you have to deal with equipment, machinery, reception areas, and larger spaces.

Industrial-Strength Cleaning Products
The cleaning products that are used in a commercial cleaning service will be stronger and more powerful. While you can get away with using store-bought cleaners to do household chores, office spaces need something stronger. Professional cleaning companies use the high-powered equipment and industrial-strength products to deliver the cleaning results a business needs. This means that they will use a stronger disinfectant and cleaner that will be more effective at removing the dirt, dust, and grime.

What Is Included
A cleaning company will usually offer customized cleaning programs for each client. This means that the client can pick and choose what they need done. Pricing for the service will be determined by the number of rooms or items that need to be sanitized. A commercial cleaner will typically handle bathroom cleaning, reception area cleaning, vacuuming and dusting of the office and equipment, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning.

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